Hand in hand

This is a photo of my dad and my daughter, Ellie, who was one at the time. It captures so much of what I feel when I write about hope and happiness. For me, the greatest source of happiness has been in my being connected to others in a very genuine and deep way. Becoming a parent and having responsibility for the life of another person is very daunting! Having a handful of people in your corner while you're stumbling through it is an amazing gift and blessing. I imagine Ben and Lily to take on the role of grandparent with the kind of approach that is represented in this photo... helping their grandchildren to experience the world in a way that is meaningful. I can honestly say that I don't ever remember watching TV at my grandparents house... come to think of it, I'm not sure they even had a TV! It's much the same at my parent's house. There is an occasional movie for the kids, but the majority of time, they play games together, bake cookies, have conversations. This will be the thing that my husband and I try to create with our grandchildren someday. If we can do it half as well as my parents and grandparents, we'll be fortunate!

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